Wifi booster what is it?
Wifi booster is nothing but a tool to strengthen our network wifi signal . Often Happens is that the homes especially the larger ones wifi signal disappears . Then the computers that are still not receiving the messages , and thus do not have access to a wifi network . In such situations, the best Solution is to buy a wifi booster that greatly strengthen the wifi signal and improve its quality so that it will reach the entire home . This solution is a good enough because they do not have to assume a new siciei wifi only rozszeżyć existing network coverage . There are a lot of equipment from different manufacturers that are very useful in such situations .

Wifi repeater.
Wifi repeater is a device that also like to have in order to increase the range of our wifi network .
More and more often I hear from friends that bought a very good and expensive router and still have problems with range of your wireless home network . I should not wonder if it was a 200 -foot , multi-level apartment , but in the 50 -meter apartment there should be no such trouble.
Meanwhile, there are and can be very many causes. I do not mean , however, of such obvious obstacles , which are the walls . Each of them can indeed suppress the network signal up to 10 dB , but the walls are clearly visible and quite easy to take them into account when planning the home infrastructure . On our network lies in wait , however, as many less obvious enemies.
Routers deprived of protruding antennas. These built-in does not always cope well and often for the best results require appropriate router settings . In our environment , especially in apartment buildings , there is also a problem with the amount of active Wi-Fi networks . Their signals overlap and interfere .
It is not without significance for the work of the Wi-Fi are also other types of harmful radiation emitted at a frequency of 2.4 GHz , which is normally used wireless network . They work on the Bluetooth transmitters , wireless headsets , microwave ovens, fixed wireless phones and many other devices.
If we add to this is not always perfectly designed antenna in phones or tablets , it will become clear that our network is not an easy operation .

How does a repeater ?
The idea of this device is very simple. Repeater within range of a Wi-Fi router receives the network and spreading it further while strengthening and conditioning room . This increases the effective range of a Wi -Fi network.

Free wifi, is it possible?
If you plan to buy a repeater must take into account one crucial żecz , namely, the signal can also reach outside our building . Therefore, if the network is insecure making it easier access to the unauthorized person. Therefore, we set up for some complex wifi network password that will be difficult to guess , and appropriate safeguards.

WiFi Analyzer , which is where the signal is strongest hotspot , and how to set the channel on the router.
Very cool tool to analyze WiFi signal in order to find a hotspot with the strongest signal or optimize your router’s settings to the broadcast on channels not used by neighbors. Free with a convenient interface and a few ways to present results. What do you want more?
WiFi Analyzer once you start scanning the area for a WiFi signal . With a clear graph shows found routers . If you are looking for a hotspot in an area where the range is crawling , you can launch the program and go around checking when the signal strength is greatest . Developers say the application description but with a different application.
The WiFi signal is transmitted to the so-called . channels. At a time when the router has a wireless network every second household in blocks, which still lives in Poland, most people are teeming with available WiFi networks . Most of them are of course encrypted , but that does not change the fact that often transmit on the same channel , causing interference. These do not translate into connection errors , but slower data transfer . With WiFi Analyzer can easily identify which channels are occupied in the area and set our router to broadcast on the channels available .
The program gives you the ability to display data in a chart has a timeline . It can display the same list of access points , but also a signal meter for a specific router. All clear , elegant and free of charge, at the expense of watching ads